Medical research

Prostata Cancer

“Our mission is to improve care and reduce burden of prostate cancer for men in Norway”

PCFN has four objects:
– Educate Norwegians regarding prostate cancer
– Enrich the training of Norwegian doctors through fellowships
– Advance prostate cancer understanding through research
– Disseminate knowledge through web and international meeting

“After being diagnosed with prostate cancer and undergoing successful treatment at Johns Hopkins, I realized that the Norwegian medical community could hugely benefit from a closer dialogue with their American counterparts, and that this in turn would help Norwegian prostate cancer sufferers. In order to help facilitate this dialogue, and at the same time promote research into prostate cancer, I decided to initiate the creation of Prostate Cancer Foundation of Norway.”
– Stein Erik Hagen


Norwegian Research Center02png

Established 19th of May 2008 at the Medical Department, Rikshospitalet upon signing of a contract between the University of Oslo and Rikshospitalet on the handling of funds from Canica A/S.

The funds are exclusively dedicated to research related to basic and clinical aspects of the chronic liver disease PSC.

NoPSC is now a separate unit within the Division of Cancer Medicine, Surgery and Transplantation at Oslo University Hospital (OUH) Rikshospitalet, and is also affiliated with the Research Institute for Internal Medicine, OUH Rikshospitalet and the Institute of Clinical Medicine at the University of Oslo.

NoPSC has a broad range of both local and international collaborators.
NoPSC has also established the International PSC Study Group.


Stein Erik Hagens Stiftelse for klinisk hjerteforskning

The foundation was founded for the purpose of promoting research at the «Senter for klinisk hjerteforskning » at Ullevål University hospital. «Senter for klinisk hjerteforkning» is doing research initiated clinical, randomized intervention studies within the filed aterotrombose. followed by basal mechanism studies on the diseases patophysiology and used intervention principles. Since the beginning in 2007, the foundation has donated NOK 27 mill. to «Senter for klinisk hjerteforskning.