Kjartan Slettemark

Kjartan Slettemark (1932 – 2008) is one of “Norway´s blown-away laurel leaves”.

Kjartan Slettemark studied at the Norwegian National Academy of Crafts and Art Industry in Oslo 1956-59. After some weeks under Reidar Aulie at the Academy of Fine Arts he moved to Stockholm, where in 1962 he studied at the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts under Lennart Rodhe.

With his anarchist leanings he was a difficult, albeit ineradicable and inspirational, “problem child” in Swedish artistic life, even more so than in Norway. When his “Vietnam picture”, went on display outside the Parliament in 1965 it was attacked with an axe. Through provocative actions, self-staging, odd events, role-play and happenings he sought – with political sting, extravagant humour and much malicious joy – undermine the power structures of society and artistic life.