Creating value through excellence

At Canica we aim to pursue our values at all times and the philosophy of our strategy goes hand in hand with these three words:

Courage – Consistency – Competency



  • We aim to show a will to win in every aspect of our business.
  • We always think and act as an investor.
  • We seek to acquire and develop companies that offer the potential to earn attractive returns on our capital, as well as creating value and employment.
  • We strive for, and celebrate good results.
  • We are passionate about our brands.


  • We aim for a long-term approach towards our investments,
    always striving for a solid and stable economic foundation to ensure business continuity.
  • We always seek to build credibility with customers, investors
    and financiers, treating every interaction with respect, honesty and excellence.
  • We mainly invest in sectors we know, and value depth over breadth.
  • We hold a strong investment portfolio within retail, industry, finance and real estate, dividing risk and securing a stable economic foundation.
  • We are committed to our goals and values.


  • We offer core expertise within the fields of business development and finance, as well as capital and network in order to create value and employment in a long-term perspective.
  • We have over 40 years of experience from the retail industry.
  • We focus on developing lean and effective management teams, and are fully committed to all employees of our companies.
  • We appreciate and always strive for a good company culture within the companies we hold.
  • We highly value our moral compass: pursuing excellence in everything we do; from the way business is conducted to interactions with each other, our companies, the communities around us and other stakeholders.

«Fortune sides with him who dares.»